I had a Veeam O365 backup repository issue earlier this week that made me pull out my hair.  Thankfully, the fix is super easy!

Here’s the problem:  I was attempting to backup some mailboxes and Veeam O365 backup threw this error:

Processing mailbox xxxxxxx@lekkerfoods.com failed with error: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: repository

This made zero sense to me as I was having no issue processing other mailboxes.  I did some digging and came up with nothing so I opened a case with Veeam.  They did some digging around as well and then made the suggestion to repoint the repository settings in Veeam O365 Backup to another location and apply then point the settings back to original repository location and apply.  It worked!  These are the steps to follow:

  1. Disable your current O365 backup jobs (all jobs should show the red and white minus symbol)


2.  Go to Options



3.  Then change location:


Above is original location, change to something else and click Apply.  Then, change it BACK to the original location and click Apply.

4.  Finally, re-enable a job and run it, it should now complete.

Veeam O365 backup repository issue and fix
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2 thoughts on “Veeam O365 backup repository issue and fix

  • Hi Uncle Rob,
    Thank you so much for posting this. You saved me some serious troubleshooting time and the dreadful communication with Veeam support.

    I just followed your instructions and the issue is now resolved.

    Veeam really should send out a patch for this.

    Thank you again.

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