“Volunteer, it’s good for the soul!”

I was given that piece of advice many years ago and it is oh so true.  It is the armies of volunteers that drive so many of our communities and make so many things possible.  Many communities and organizations simply could not operate without their dedicated and selfless volunteers.  At this festive time of the year you see the massive impact that volunteer driven organizations have on the larger community as a whole.  The toy drives, food drives, clothing drives … none of them function without large numbers of volunteers.  And it’s not just this time of the year where volunteers have an impact, it is all year round.

I’ve always been fortunate to work for companies that understand the importance of “giving back”.  And I have been blessed to work with colleagues that dive in and give of themselves.  From working with non-profits like I do to building schools and homes in equatorial countries or working with clean water programs in South East Asia.  Whatever the choice, the impact of volunteering is positive and generates returns far beyond the effort expended.  There is no greater sense of community and, possibly, no greater sense of “belonging” than what you get back from volunteering.

If you are considering volunteering all I can say is just “do it”.  You and your community will be so much better for it.  If you already volunteer then let me say “thank you” for your time and effort.

Volunteer, it’s good for the soul!
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