There are numerous posts on the Internet about how easy it is for groups to collaborate using Microsoft Teams.  If your O365 admin allows it, you can spin up a Team in a couple of clicks and invite other company colleagues to join in the fun.  It’s easy and it certainly makes collaborating a lot easier as everyone has the same tools and is on the same page.

A recent addition to the Teams feature set is the ability to invite “Guest” users into a Team.  This is a monster addition that takes Teams to the next level as it opens up a whole new range of possibilities.  Now you can collaborate with a far larger group of users, it’s not necessarily restricted to just the members of your O365 tenancy.  I have first hand experience with this new feature and it is transformative, in my opinion.

I’ve been working with Kyle, a chap I met through this blog who had a zillion questions about FusionPBX.  One thing led to another and I ended up helping him out with his FusionPBX project as well as a couple of others.  After exchanging ever increasing numbers of emails I realized that a better tool was available to us … Teams!  I set up a Team, made sure the OneNote inside the Team was configured then I invited him in.  Once he joined the Team we were able to make great use of  Conversations to capture all of our discussions.  And OneNote became a living document of everything being built and configured in his FusionPBX installation. 

Kyle is in a different country and a different time zone from me yet none of that matters as Teams presents us with an easy platform to share our work.  We can use any and all of the tools inside Teams to move our collaboration forward.  And all it took for me to set all of this up was a couple of clicks inside my O365 tenancy.  I can see unlimited possibilities for organizations of all sizes to easily collaborate with partners of all stripes using Teams and it’s all because of the addition of Guest access.

It’s a small thing yet a big thing!

If you are looking for ways to collaborate with internal OR external colleagues, I suggest you give Teams a try.  Microsoft has hit another one out of the park!

Microsoft Teams = Easy Internal/External Collaboration
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