Hi, I’m Robert Dick and I am a  former Microsoft MVP (Office 365, Office Servers & Services, 2014, 2015, 2016).  My day job is Technology Manager with Lekker Food Distributors Ltd. where I take care of all sorts of interesting technology including (but not limited to)  Microsoft servers, the Office 365 tenancy, Linux servers, virtual servers, networking, SIP phone systems; well, you get the drift.  I have worked for small and large companies in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. I’ve even had a stint working with international insurers. I have been on both sides of the consulting fence — I’ve been an “end user” and I’ve been a Consultant.

I also volunteer with two non-profits and apply my IT skills to their unique challenges and problems.  There’s a lot in this blog that is driven by what I come across with them.  I urge you to give something of yourself back to your community, volunteering is so very fundamental to the survival of so many organizations.

This blog will be eclectic by necessity; I’ll be writing about Office 365, Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V), security (things like anti-virus software and firewalls), backup, storage and many other things.  In many ways this will be a chronicle of the interesting things that I do and come across on a regular basis.  As I learn, I’ll share as that is what it’s all about.  Hopefully, the sharing will be of use to you in your own knowledge quest.

Finally, you may be wondering why the blog is called “The Beagle”?  There are a number of reasons but two that come to mind are, 1) It’s all about “discovery”.  HMS Beagle made numerous voyages of “discovery”, its second voyage took Charles Darwin on his voyage of discovery that, in turn ultimately led to Darwin publishing “On the Origin of Species” in December of 1859.  2) Anyone who has ever lived with a Beagle will tell you that they are inquisitive, stubborn and always “pushing the envelope”.  I’m hoping those same traits will help me fill this blog with useful information.

So, thanks for stopping by, I hope the visit will prove worthwhile!